About us

At this point we would like to introduce ourselves briefly:

We are specialized in seawater aquaristics company with headquarters in Industriestr. 32 in 72585 Riederich.

At over 425m², we offer you a very diverse and diverse range of marine fish, low animals and corals.

Our business includes:

• 20,000 liters of coral plant

• 4 fish facilities with a total of 300 pools

• 3000 liter invertebrate plant

• 2000 liters of living rock plant

• 3 showers (3000L, 1500L, 250L)

• Quarantine facility

• State-of-the-art water treatment

• Wide range of accessories

Our fish farms are filtered purely biological. For disinfection we use 200W UV and ozone for each fish plant.
We waive any additions of medicines / copper in our facilities.
All of our fish are fed with different kinds of frozen food and only go on sale when they are fodder proof.

We source our animals from selected export stations in Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Kenya, USA, South Sea, Australia etc.

Take a look at our shop or in our online shop and convince yourself of our offer.

For further questions we are always at your disposal.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your coral outlet team


2009 - Foundation of the company Korallen-Outlet

December 2010 - Relocation to new premises in Dettingen / Erms

April 2011 - Extension of the offer with fish and live rock

December 2012 - Relocation to new premises in Riederich; Magnification on 350m²

August 2013 - Extension of the premises to more than 425m² and expansion of the quarantine facilities