Wholesale for Corals and Saltwaterfish

We provide a wide range for retailers

• Corals

• Fish

• Aquatic Invertebrates

• Live Rock

• WYSIWYG Corals

Our holding tanks are absolut biologically filtered.

We dispense on using Medication.

We use Ozone and UV-Light for Sterilisation 


We feed our fish with several, species- appropriate frozen food and we select only food proven fish for sending out.


We get our animals from well-choosen target export stations in Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Kenya, USA, Australia and the South Pacific.

You will find our recent stocks in our daily updated online shop.


To enter the Wholesale-Section please fill in the Retailer-Registration and supply us with the required documents. After immediate review you will get acces to our Wholesale-Section.



You can reach us for customer support and further questions


or via phone

+49 (0) 7123 / 3077460