Amphiprion allardi - Twobar anemonefish / Allard's anemonefish

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Amphiprion allardi - Twobar anemonefish / Allard's anemonefish

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Handling information:

Adult size: 15cm
Aquarium size: 240L
Water temperature: 24 - 27 ° C
Keep as: couple
Feeding: Flake & Frozen Food
Special features:

Please note: The pictures are only examples for the different animal species. The colors and shapes of animals supplied may differ from the pictures.

Without specifying at the product text color and sexual desires can not always be guaranteed. Should any doubts arise, please contact us in advance or leave us a note in the order process. This is then checked by us without obligation on feasibility.

The shipping goes by overnight express in the quality we know, very good!
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Expected final size: Until 15 cm
Recommended aquarium size: ~ 250 liter
Recommended water temperature: 24 - 28 °C
Recommended Keep in: pair-housed
Food: Deiverse frozen foodDeiverse dry foodlive food
Special features: Nothing
Shipping weight: 1,00 kg

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